About Spec-X
What is The Specifications Explorer?
The Specifications Explorer (Spec-X) is a consolidated repository of The National Map specifications.
The Specifications Explorer (Spec-X) consists of a database and a web application.
The database is used to store and maintain specification information for The National Map data products and map products.
The web application enables users to retrieve and display the specification information from the database in web page format in dynamically generated “specification reports”.
Why was Spec-X created?
The National Map is one of the cornerstones of the data coordination effort of the National Geospatial Program, which is a collaborative effort between the USGS and other Federal, State, and local partners to improve and deliver topographic information for the Nation. The products and services of The National Map have many uses ranging from recreation to scientific analysis, to emergency response and many others.
Traditionally, The National Map specification information has been provided in a formal document format – where users can download a .pdf file and search within the file to retrieve requirement information.
As we continue our mission to provide unbiased, objective, and impartial scientific information to the public, we bring our specifications data to the digital space.
The Specification Explorer database digitizes, organizes, stores and maintains this data. While the web application allows user to interact and consume this data.
Future Vision
As Spec-X grows and matures it will continue to add and update specification content for The National Map.
We are currently researching and developing APIs capability to integrate Spec-X with other The National Map applications and tools, such as The National Map Viewer.
This would enable a user to retrieve specifications such as feature definitions or details of how a feature is symbolized, by simply clicking on a feature in a map!
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